The 40th Annual International Sea Turtle Symposium was held in March 2022 and brought together, virtually, individuals and organisations involved in sea turtle conservation from 65 countries. This year it was hosted out of Perth, so it was unfortunate COVID restrictions meant that the 667 attendees could not see Western Australia in person.

This year, DBCA’s North West Shelf Flatback Turtle Program (NWSFTCP) received The President’s Award for its contribution to “Sea Turtles and the ISTS”.

In summary, the President recognised a team effort to conduct an effective program of works across a diverse range of scientific research topics, establishing monitoring programs, mitigating threats such as fox control and continuing education and training programs.

Specifically mentioned were activities to engage Traditional Owners and develop collaborative projects, the ability of the program to leverage funds and in-kind support from industry, universities and private industry and the huge amount of innovative research that has come out of the program.
Scott Whiting would like to thank the current team, Tony Tucker, Sabrina Fossette, Tristan Simpson, Florian Mayer, Hannah Hampson, James Gee and Natasha Samuelraj and previous staff, Ryan Douglas, Corrine Douglas, Holly Raudino, Liz Grant and Joanne King for a great team effort in producing a fantastic program that has now been showcased and recognised on a world stage. Also, many thanks to the casual DBCA staff many volunteers that make major contributions to field monitoring each summer.

Importantly, the NWSFTCP has over 50 partners across all sectors that contribute to meeting the goals of the program, especially the many Indigenous partners who enhance the project in many ways.