National Light Pollution Guidelines for Wildlife

Artificial light can disrupt critical behaviours in wildlife, stalling the recovery of threatened species and interfering with a migratory species’ ability to undertake long distance migrations integral to its life cycle.

The National Light Pollution Guidelines aim to raise awareness of the potential impacts of artificial light on wildlife and provide a framework for assessing and managing these impacts around susceptible listed wildlife.

North West Shelf Flatback Turtle Conservation Program Strategic Conservation Plan 2014–21

The plan was developed using a decision support system to prioritise activities in the most relevant and important areas. Management actions were focused around pressures to the North West Shelf flatback turtle management unit (MU) although many overarching actions including systems development, knowledge gaps, baseline information and ongoing monitoring were recognised as fundamental. 

Peer reviewed papers


List of scientific publications relating to the North West Shelf Flatback Turtle Conservation Program by themes:

Turtle Watching Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct will teach you how to get the best opportunity to watch turtles nesting and laying eggs without disturbing their activity.