Start of monitoring flatback on the beach

With turtle nesting season underway in the Pilbara the DBCA turtle teams have descended on Thevenard and Delambre Islands to monitor this year's action.

Volunteers assisting with the monitoring program will stay for one or two weeks on either of the islands and will be walking beaches in the morning to determine how many of which species of turtles have emerged from the water in the night and whether they have laid eggs, or returned to the water unsucessful.

Volunteers also patrol designated sections of beach overnight to ensure that visiting turtles are tagged and recorded,  which helps expand knowledge on how many flatback turtles visit the Pilbara to nest and how stable the population is.

More information on monitoring this year can be found on the monitoring updates section of the flatbacks website.

Please remember if you are visiting a beach where turtles nest to follow the turtle watching code of conduct that can be downloaded from the front page of the website, here.